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Kamiya Biomedical 是一家生命科學研究8008app幸福宝软件站生產商,Kamiya Biomedical開發用於免疫學的8008app幸福宝软件站、科研用ELISA8008app幸福宝软件站、用於動物/**前研究的ELISA8008app幸福宝软件站、抗體、生化8008app幸福宝软件站和其他研究用產品。其主要業務模式是提供高品質高性價比的產品。

Kamiya Biomedical主要產品線:抗體、生化8008app幸福宝软件站(如抑製劑)和各種指標檢測站长统计幸福宝app

Immuno***** Reagents
for Chemistry Analyzers
Immunoturbidimetric Assays For
Clinical Diagnostics & Research Use
ISO 13485 
CE Mark
These products can be used on most chemistry analyzers, such as Roche, Cobas, Hitachi, Beckman, Olympus, Siemens, Bayer, Dade, Abbott, Alfa Wassermann, and many more!
Research ELISAs
We manufacture thousands of ELISA kits for research use testing of human samples. Our ELISA catalog spans numerous research interests and we offer many esoteric and difficult to find tests.
Animal/Preclinical ELISAs
We manufacture thousands of ELISA kits for preclinical and research use testing of animal samples. Many of these ***** and species combinations cannot be found anywhere else!
We offer more than 1,300 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for your needs. Host species include mouse, rabbit, rat, sheep, hamster, guinea pig, goat, and chicken.
We have more than 200 biochemicals. These products include recombinants, substrates, inhibitors, polymerases, inducers, and other useful biochemicals for your lab.
Other Research Products
We offer nearly 300 other research products. For example, we have alternatives to ELISA *****s such as colorimetric and fluorescent *****s. We also have kits for cell cultures or cryopreservation. Many of these test kits can be used on a wide variety of test samples, both human and animal.

Kamiya Biomedical Company

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Kamiya Biomedical Company was founded by Kohji Kamiya in March of 1983 in Thousand Oaks, California and relocated to Seattle, Washington in 1996. Our company's purpose is supplying the life science and medical communities with innovative laboratory research and diagnostic tools of the highest quality. KAMIYA is an independent American company that serves worldwide markets.
Since 1983The company's first products were protein kinase inhibitors, staurosporine and its analog, K252a. Staurosporine was discovered in 1977 by Dr. Satoshi Ohmura who is a 2015 Nobel Prize winner. This was the first commercially available staurosporine. Today, staurosporine is one of the most popular research tools in life science research fields.
Today, KAMIYA's life science product lines include thousands of human and animal biomarker *****s for preclinical testing with one of the largest selections of ELISA kits in the world.KAMIYA continues to offer a variety of other life science research products including enzyme inhibitors and monoclonal / polyclonal antibodies for use in a variety of fields including apoptosis, multidrug resistance, oxidative / DNA damage and repair, bone biology, cancer, cardiac health, inflammation, stress, obesity, and diabetes.
In 1997, KAMIYA introduced a full line of clinical diagnostic and research immuno***** products for lipid assessment, coagulation, inflammation, diabetes, nutritional assessment, and serum protein measurement based on immunoturbidimetric technology. The K-ASSAY reagents were developed for use on standard chemistry analyzers, requiring no mixing, dissolving, or dilution of reagent or sample, at an exceptional value.
Recently, KAMIYA has introduced new innovative K-ASSAY chemistry analyzer reagents for Insulin, D-Dimer, Factor XIII, Plasma FDP, Serum/Urine FDP, and Total IgE testing.
KAMIYA now has the broadest product line of liquid serum protein immuno***** reagents of any company in the U.S. We supply clinical diagnostic reagents to leading hospitals, medical centers, clinical laboratories, clinical reference labs, research facilities, distributors, and diagnostic instrument companies worldwide.
Look for KAMIYA BIOMEDICAL COMPANY to continue to offer the life science and medical communities with innovative and cutting edge laboratory research and diagnostic tools.

Kamiya Biomedical Company

被 Kohji Kamiya 在1983年3月在加利福尼亞千橡市於1996年成立,並搬遷到西雅圖,華盛頓。 幸福宝app进入地址公司的宗旨是提供生命科學和醫學界的**實驗室研究和*高質量的診斷工具。 KAMIYA 是服務於全球市場的獨立的美國公司。

Since 1983 該公司的**個產品是蛋白激酶抑製劑,星形孢菌素及其類似物,K252a。星孢素是1977年由Satoshi Ohmura博士發現的,她是2015年諾貝爾獎獲得者。這是**種商業上可獲得的星形孢菌素。今天,星孢素是生命科學研究領域*受歡迎的研究工具之一。

今天, KAMIYA公司的生命科學產品線包括數以千計的人類和動物的生物標誌物的檢測 與ELISA站长统计幸福宝app,在世界上*大的選擇之一**前試驗。 KAMIYA 繼續提供各種其他的生命科學研究的產品包括酶抑製劑和單克隆/多克隆抗體用於在各種領域,包括細胞凋亡,多藥耐藥性,氧化性/ DNA損傷和修複,骨生物學,癌症,心髒健康,炎症使用,應力,肥胖和糖尿病。

1997年, KAMIYA 推出了全係列的**診斷和研究免疫產品的脂質評估,凝血,炎症,糖尿病, 營養評估和血清蛋白的測量基於免疫比濁技術。 在 K-ASSAY 8008app幸福宝软件站對標準的化學分析儀使用而開發的,無需混合,溶解,或8008app幸福宝软件站或樣品稀釋,物*所值。

近日,KAMIYA 已經推出胰島素, D-二聚體, XIII因子,血漿FDP ,血/尿FDP和總IgE檢測新的** K-ASSAY 化學分析儀8008app幸福宝软件站。

KAMIYA 現在有任何一家公司的液態血清蛋白免疫8008app幸福宝软件站在U.S.A.幸福宝app进入地址提供**診斷8008app幸福宝软件站龍頭醫院,醫療中心, **實驗室,**參考實驗室,研究機構,分銷商和診斷儀世界各地的公司的*廣泛的產品線。 幸福宝app进入地址提供**診斷8008app幸福宝软件站,以全球優越的醫院,醫療中心,**實驗室,**參考實驗室,研究機構,分銷商和診斷儀公司。.

尋找 Kamiya Biomedical Company 繼續提供生命科學和醫學界的**和**實驗室研究和診斷工具。

Kamiya Biomedical Company



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